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  1. Jimi Hendrix bio

    With Andre 3000!!!!!! ***You can’t hear my fangirl screams of joy. But they’re there.

  2. I FRIGGIN’ love Lance Reddick!!

  3. I watched it without sound and I still want to see it.

  4. Jindo cuties

    I Looooooove dogs. But current lifestyle and financial situation does not allow me to have any now. But when I finally settle-ish and have the funds…these lovely little love machines will be added to my dog family.

  5. Birds

    Barely slept due to world cup. Little buzzed on my way to tutor…longest day of the week but still feel good. Discovered this little gem at southside.

  6. monicalewinsky1996:

    Uzo Aduba auditions for Piper Chapman [x]


    I miss my computer…I want to watch OTNB NOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!

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